The Internet

Possibly the biggest thing in the world apart from eating. We all eat every day. If we don’t we are not here anymore anyway.

The Internet.

Soon it will be part of all of our lives (if it is not already). I love the Internet, I think it will open many doors for many people.

Hello, my name is David. This blog is about you, me , technology and some enlightenment in easy to underdstant language. So if you are new to computers, the Internet and want to understand more about how these two items can impact on your world just keep coming back to this blog. I do not promise to be regular ang many of my posts will be short and probably have spelling and gramar errors but they will give you easy to understand info about some of the technologies around us today …. and tomorrow.

In future posts I will talk about mainstream issues such as mobile phones, digital TV and growing technologies like VOIP and the ever growing Internet.

You are welcome to save this blog in your favourites and call back often.

Till later…. David.


One thought on “The Internet

  1. Technology progresses daily, with new methods of doing something popping up all the time.

    I look forward to reading more!


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