The Internet and the Weather

Isn’t the Internet just great!

By using the Internet and the World Wide Web I can have the weather wherever I want or need it.

Today is a good example. Being a stay at home dad, I have to do the house chores such as washing clothes, gardening, taking the boys to crache etc. The Internet helped me do these tasks today with the help of weather websites with radar images. By looking at the radar I could make decisions about whether I should walk the boys to crache or drive them. Even better, I managed to get the washing out and dried and bring it in before the rain came in the afternoon . We often use the radar to help decide if we will have a picnic or go to a resturaunt and when my wife asks me what the weather will be tomorrow I can run my mouse over the icon on thre bottom of my browser and the forcast will pop up and I have the info in a flash.

The weather and the Internet, it’s just great.


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