Internet Business Opportunities

How many times have you been offered or tempted or even dreamed of starting your own Internet based business with the hope of making some big bucks and securing your financial freedom?

Have you ever gone through with it?

Was it successful for you?

I have always been a bit of a sucker for many of these opportunities and have thrown a lot of money and time at them only to find that I have missed the boat with most of them and what money I did make was only after many hours of hard work and a much greater outlay than the outcome.

I have had better luck in the past year with online business using affiliate marketing and buying into business that is current and in demand. I am having much greater success with new technology based business opportunities. The big money is in gadgets and mobile phones and the biggest of all could be my latest venture, website and domain sales.

I don’t mean re-selling web space or domain names (I already do that) but selling a top level domain name with a website builder, email account and hosting. If you are into the Internet you may understand the potential of such a business. If you missed the dot com race well this could be your chance to hit the big time with me. I am now a web guru selling the new top level domain name .ws. Dot Ws stands for Dot Website as apposed to Dot Com which means commercial. If you have tried to get your name with a dot com extension you would be struggling but the .ws domain is only young and there is a good chance your name is still available.

I will talk more about Internet business opportunities in future posts but if you want to secure your .ws domain name or even start your own online business go to and watch a short movie that explains things better than I can. This is one of two Internet business’ I have actually made money from and I will write about the other one in the near future.

The Internet is a wonderful place… even better if you can make money from it.

Til next time,

Press Enter. 🙂


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