The 2 Most Important Things in Life

Well this is my thought on life anyway and I am willing to share it with you for nothing. 🙂

The two most important things in life are eating and going to the toilet.

Eating is the most important and what we eat is cruicial to how long we live.

Eating a wide variety of different coloured foods (fruits and vegetables) will help you grow, protect you from illness and keep your weight down. There are heaps of resources on the Internet that provide the types of foods you need to eat but it is a no brainer that a bit of everything is ok and too much of the wrong things is not good.

The 2nd most important thing is getting rid of the waste products your body produces from eating. You need to go to the tiolet (you can’t really get out of it anyway) and as long as you are doing both of these things under your own steam you are alive enough to be greatful about life and do something with it.

Have a great day.


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