Updating Mobile Phone

Well it is that time of the contract again and my mobile phone company has approached me with great offers and carrots to keep me with them. This is all good however they do not stock the phones that i want so i always have to bargain with them and make them work for my business. Last time I wanted an 02 Smart-phone and I was walking out my door to go down the street to an opposition company before they phoned back and said they could get me the phone I wanted.

I was hoping that this time around things would be a little easier but I was prepared anyway and had done my homework on the phones they stocked and the phones I wanted. Alas, what they have and what I want are once again 2 different things. They have all these Nokia and Motorolla, Samsung and other toy phones but I want  an 02 mini pro or Imate Kjam. Well t hey couldn't help me with  that so it looked like I was off to the opposition for real this time.

once again I tried to ring the opposing company but they were engaged. I tried again, still engaged. i put the phone down and I get a call from the person who could help me befre and she says that knock $700  of an 02 ATOM if I stayed with them on the same plan for another 24 months.

well $345 for an 02 ATOM was a great price I thought as my plan was staying the same and I was gearing up to buy an iMate KJam for $1100 so I am now soon to be new owner of an 02Atom.

I will post reviews or updates on the 02ATOM as I read some mixed reviews (and still got one) but I think the sofware upgrades have fixed the problems listed. My phone will have to be ordered so i hope the firmware upgrades are all installed. I will have the phone in a few weeks and will post my thoughts here.

My posts have been far and flung but they are still coming so keep looking for something to interest you. Even give some feedback.

that's all for now, until next time, stay happy and well.   


3 thoughts on “Updating Mobile Phone

  1. What makes your phone so expensive?



  2. Hi shirley, that is the going price of PDA phones in Australia. The Atom and the Kjam are over $1000 so $345 is a good buy in my eyes.
    If you know of cheaper prices please let me know 🙂


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