Frontier Website in for Overhaul

The Frontier Internet Zone website is getting a major update.

Fronbtier PC Tutorings' flagship website will undergo major reconstruction this year to bring it back into line with FPCT busines plans. David Cook, owner of Frontier PC Tutoring says it is a major upgrade that involves a total rebuild of many of the features people are used to seeing on the site. He says the site had slowly lost its' primary role of educating new Internet users and introducing them to the many actvities available from the Internet and become "just another" shopping mall. The shopping options have proved popular and will continue to be available in the revamped site however they will be part of the education prossess and featured as an activity with information on how it works.

The website will undergo a name change back to the original Frontier Patient Computer Tutoring and the current site name will move to the frontierinternetzone domain and feature the curent format with sales and service options without the education tilt.

The new websites structure is said to be more interactive and will contain many features such as Internet TV and podcasting options.

The upgrade will take place in the second half of 2006.

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