02 Atom

Well I have had my Atom for a few months now so I can start to post feedback on it’s performance and value for money.

Value for money is good in my situation as the  o2 Atom is more than $1000 usually in Australia however I paid just over $300 as part of a deal to extend my mobile phone contract.

Opening the box is a pleasant experience and the box is very nice too and gets you off to a feel good journey into your latest toy. I did not wait ti charge the battery, I just plugged it in and started setting it up as most of these office type phones are designed so you can use them while they are charging to keep you productive.

Once I set up the PDA /phone I left it on charge until the battery was full and then I took it out on the road to test the features. I am not going to go into detail about all the bits and pieces in the phone however I will comment on my experiences as a user, not a reviewer.

Before I purchased the phone I had read and heard a lot of stories about the bug in the media player software and sure enough I got it to crash just as the reports indicated. There is a firmware upgrade availalbe at the o2 website but I really could not be bothered as the issue is intermittent and does not hinder the performance of the phone itself. The problem is easlily fixed by rebooting the phone and I reboot the phone before I record movies or take pictures to ensure there is plenty of memory to perform these intensive tasks. I was kind of happy I got the phone to crash as it runs on Windows Mobile operating system and it is essentially a small computer so crashing is part of the deal!!

The o2 Atom is a great phone and PDA. It is also a good mp3 player and great for watching tv programs or movies (despite the occaisional reboot) you have downloaded from podcasting sites or other sources.

2 months in I am happy with the unit and will talk about other features in more detail as I play with the features a little more. At the moment I chose it for work puposes and it performes the funcions required with the callender, phone, sincing with my pc, email and web browsing software doing what they are supposed to.

Thats all for now, go get you Atom today.

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