Poor Quality Cheap Goods.

This is more of a comment on the cheapness of goods these days and the poor quality of things out there. I purchased some shoes for my 4yo son a month ago and the bottom has come off one shoes already, I won a t shirt in a competition and the armpits have come apart (I should shower more often I suppose) I purchased a robo vacuum for $95 and now it won’t charge up after I returned it once and now it does not work at all. I bought a cheap wireless keyboard and mouse and it misses every second letter and the mouse does it’s own thing.

Got a cheap colour TV that turns itself off and on (maybe thats a feature?) and a cheap antenna for it thats picks up snow even in winter.

Perhaps we are better oof having 1 good quality instead of a whole lot of cheap crap that ends up rubbishing our planet…. time to think about the simple things in life I recon … oh but I love my computer and the Internet.


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