Peter Brock Died Today

In a tragic accident Peter Brock was killed in a rally accident this afternoon. Peter Brock was an Australian icon in motor sport and was probably responsible for the sales of more Holden (and Ford) cars in Australia than any one person.

Australia is mourning the loss of it’s second high profile personality in a few days after the death of Steve Irwin off the coast of Queensland 2 days ago.

After growing up watching Peter Brock in many motor sports events and his mastery of the Bathurst Race at Mount Panorama in NSW I was moved into shock at the news of his death. Motorists in Melbourne were encouraged to drive with headlights on this afternoon as a mark of respect and many drivers opting to drive at 10kms slower to highlight his dedication to the .05 Drink driving campaign.

Peter Brock will be missed by many.

My wife and I feel a great priveledge to have experienced fast laps with Peter Brock and the Brock racing team including some frightening laps in the rain in the Holden Dealer Team V8 Supercar.

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