Max Global IT partner of microsoft scam?????

Recently my customers (an many others it seams) have been getting calls from so call Internet support companies stating they are Microsoft partners and contacting you because your computer is reporting faults and needs to be fixed. They claim they can fix your computer for a fee and then try to sell you a protection service for your pc as a yearly subscription.

One such company is Max Global IT, sometimes known as Global Max and are also known as Supportonclick (Support On Click say they are affiliated to Telstra Big Pond )

Below is a link to a post on the Microsoft website discussing this.

Max Global IT partner of microsoft scam?????.

Here is a link to some Whirlpool posts discussing the Support On Click scam.

What makes people fall for these scams is that they ring you out of the blue, catch you off guard and put a lot of preassure on you to buy their service and so call fix your computer.

If this company or anyone similar rings you out of the blue you can politely thank them and then hang up.

If you are concerned you can get your computer checked locally by your trusted computer tech. provides a service where you can recommend good business’ you have dealt with and are a great resource for finding trusted technicians to fix your computer.

Many thanks to Lynette Mitchell for alerting me to the latest event of this scam.

For up to date information and alerts about scams, viruses and Internet news download the Frontier PC Tutoring toolbar when you next visit

Comment if you have been scammed or know of similar scams to this.


One thought on “Max Global IT partner of microsoft scam?????

  1. Hi David
    John and I are likewise, very grateful for your advice, confirming my suspicions that all was not right with the phone call.
    Lynette Mitchell x


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