An Overview of Your Gmail Account.

Welcome to ‘Ask Mr. Cloud’.
Today’s video will be a simple
walk-through of your Gmail account.
So ,as usual, open up a browser of choice
Google Chrome.
and type in the address bar –
Sign In box here in the upper right
Chrome remembers my email address.
and of course my password is
and sign in.
you can certainly allow Google
Chrome to save your password
and here is your basic Gmail interface.
very clean easy to read
very obvious of what’s going on
in any aspect of this
Okay, so the main Gmail header here
this is your search box, of course Google
is known for their search, and
they have a very capable
search box for your email so you can
search the text or
of your contacts, whatever.
You can also use this for a web search.
Type in your search query
and then click ‘Search The Web’.
very handy.
and below ‘Mail’, we have ‘Contacts’
that takes you to a list of contacts
to add a contact
simply click the ‘New Contact’ button.
Let’s add someone.
We’ll add my friend Blackshoo.
If you have a picture of your contact
you can click the box and you can
upload a picture
enter the email
and you can also add phone number,
address, birthday, their website,
anything like that. Google automatically
saves, you don’t have to save
all the time with Google products.
‘New Group’ so maybe you can have a group
of family or your closest
or a group of your lunch pals,
and under ‘Contacts’ is ‘Tasks’
you can assign yourself tasks, reminders,
grocery lists, whatever you want
and they will pop up to remind you when
they’re due
now below here, is the ‘Chat’ section.
As i mentioned in a previous video,
the Google services
are all inter-related,
so the chat
is available through Gmail
and you’ll see when someone is online
or signed in
to their Google account, their name will appear with either
a little phone by it that shows that
they’re available for chat
and if the’re on a laptop that has
a built-in webcam they’ll have a little
camera here next to them so you can
video chat with them very easily
and if you have a friend here who you would like to be on
Gmail you can send them an invitation.
now here of course, the Inbox.
Google Buzz, nothing to really think
about, you kind of ignore that.
Starred items, so when you have mail
come in, you can add a star
that marks it as important
Sent mail. Drafts. and then that there
are these tabs here
that are Labels that you can create.
So let’s send a message. Let’s send an
email to my friend Blackshoo.
As soon as you just type the first
couple of letters,
since it’s in your Address Book, the name
will appear. You can just click that
and it’s ready to go.
we’re making
a video
See Ya
and SEND!
and it’s as simple as that
there’s a nice overview of Gmail.
In future videos we will be covering
some of the more in-depth aspects of
as well as the rest of Google services.
Thank you for watching Ask Mr. Cloud!


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