Citizen Cloud: a personal data backup solution from the NSA

[music]>> JUSTIN HALL: What if all your personal data and conversations were backed up online- forever, for free?Hi, I’m Justin Hall. As a long time personal weblogger, I’m excited to tell you about anew online backup service, coming soon from the NSA. Maybe you’ve heard of the NSA, the National Security Agency within the US Government. The NSA monitors worldwide communications to ensure our safety as a nation, and a prosperouscalm around the globe. To fullfill their mission, the NSA has pioneered data collection and storage techniques. Todaythe NSA will proudly archive emails, phone calls, social network data and financial transactionsfor anyone on the internet. Now, the NSA is making this surveillance technology publicly available to the public for the firsttime through a new online backup service called Citizen Cloud. Simply continue using your phone and your computer, while the NSA silently records andarchives:all your photos all your contactsall your correspondenceThen, using a web browser or a mobile device, you can pull up Citizen Cloud to access yourpersonal data archive stored by the NSA. Thanks to US taxpayers, the NSA’s Citizen Cloud is free to use. If you’re on the internet, you’re already storing your data with Citizen Cloud. Buttoday, only a few people have access to these personal backups. To request your access toyour data on the NSA’s Citizen Cloud, contact the National Security Agency’s Public AffairsOffice: nsapao@nsa. govThe NSA & Citizen Cloud Defending Our Nation. Securing The Future. Backing Up Everything.


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