Cloud Backup by Sterling Data Storage

Your data is the lifeblood of your businessnot all cloud backup solutions are created for business. Sterling data storage has gotyour back. With cloud backup solutions designed to scale. scale designed a loaf of bread contentwith storage services and resources designed for both servers andworkstations designed for all type of IT environmentswhatever you’re using windows mac linux unix we can back it upsterling data storage is an innovation leader and business cloud backup providerstorage backup and recovery deliveries end to end solutions that are costeffective her small a medium sized companies soaring terrifies and evenattbi it’s of data on the clouds is now possible it’s all in a sterling datastorage delta we find changes within files within databasesand heavy-duty jane are all block level much more efficientlybeen any other online festive solution traditional backup has been limited onlyworkstations laptopsand only for personal use or small companies store in less than fivehundred gigabytes of datajust one sterling data storage application easily backs up largeservers with millions of files with features and fudges recovered everyninety environment with the lowest possible send uand storage footprints it doesn’t interfere with other processes it doeshave a lot cardio hardware organ with conditions and it doesn’t rely onmiddlewarenative compiled no java org dot net don’t worry about the clarion installingand monitoring backup has never been this easy and dare we say funthe management console these easy to install intuitive and provides detailedinformation with only a couple asksdon’t worry about securityonly the data owner contain access with unique description kgazing christian before transmission using client-side in christian engine xwebcam methods are used to securely transfer data to the class those storesi decryption is performed hosted solution relies on a global storagecloud network is redundant and secure within ten cents eighty sixteen fitnesscenters don’t worry about a rapidly restoring data we restore only changeswithin documents or files bleeding delta technology dramatically speeds finalrestoration our solution also provides their metal restores too dissimilarequipment and integers don’t worry about affront capital costswe take care of the story for you no long-term commitment milk womeninvestment chart on slide insideget started at with a free trial by visiting sterlingdatastorage. comor call toll free eight seven seven five zero threesixty three thirty sterling data storage we’ve got your cloud backup


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