ContinuityFocus Cloud Backup Managed Solutions

In this video will show you how our cloud backup services are a secure, reliable,and cost effective way to protect your corporate data. Our solution consists of two major components. The client software, which isinstalled in your office and backs up your company’s dataand the server softwarewhich resides with the data is storedwe can protect everything from laptops and smart phones to remote offices toentire data centersat our backup service can be run in different cloud configurationsbecause the data can be restored anywhere it’s easier to ensure a fasterrecoveries our cloud backup service is powered by a cedras award-winningsoftware which protects more than five hundred fifty thousand sites worldwidethis video demonstrates the benefits of using cloud backup managed services toprotect your corporate dataexploit of your businessunlike other cloud backup and recovery systemsour solution doesn’t require you to install software agents on every p_c_ orserver you’re protecting instead you can install our software on just one machineand back up your entire network from itthis makes deployment fast easy and non-invasiveand because indians are often a target for hackers are agent list technologywill help keep your network more securenot all data is created equaldata that young like your recent financial recordsnormally needs to be recovered very quickly in the event of a disaster thatresults in data loss conversely older data like old marketing h_r_ orlong-term compliance recordsis typically better suited to a less stringent recovery timeyou might want to pay different prices based on how valuable the data isand to control when the date is moved on to lower two yearsas its value declines over timelocally we can helpand our cloud backup experts will work with you to define data tearing policiesand service levels the best fit your needsthe software that powers are cloud backup and recovery service is the firstever to receive third-party validation from the national institute of standardsand technology an industry standards body making it easier for you to complywith industry regulations here date it will be protected with two fifty six bitthey essen creek sheehan in-flight and addressed after any data is backed upour service validates that it can be successfully recovered in its nativeformatensuring that you can quickly resume business operationsand avoid unnecessary downtimenot all clouds are secure but our systemso you can have peace of mindif your staff users remote laptops in the field you can master ploy or cloudbackup and recovery service to protect their data users can manage their ownbackups and recovery is using a simple interface or if you can automated fourthem and control how other date is protectedbackups can take place automatically whenever users go onlinethe solution is the easy to userequires as little bad weather is possiblecan be centrally managedand works on both windows and backsif you’re staffer using their tablets in smartphones for work it’s important tobackup critical corporate data residing on these devicesour cloud backup and recovery service can protect apple higher wesson androidpower devicesand we can help you develop comprehensive data protection policiesthat cover endpoint devices along with the rest of your systems from datacenters two tabletsnow you can back up your virtualized environment in the most efficient waypossiblemany manage that got service providers require us offer agent to be installedon every via major virtualized environment and this can add atremendous amount of overhead locally our cloud backup service powered by aseagram’s is agents headed takes quick snapshots of the day that using thelatest vmware and microsoft e_p_ eyesthis insurers that backups of your virtualized environmentare as fast and efficient as possible we support major virtualization platformsincluding vmware hyper-v and citrix is nyou’ve seen how our system can protect all the date in your enterprise but whatif you have data the resides in cloud base services are platforms that arecontrolled by other companies don’t let your corporate day to be held hostage byyour software-as-a-service or platform as a service providerswith our services you can easily extend our backup and recovery services toinclude external services and platforms like i_b_m_ smart cloud salesforce dotcom google labs office three sixty five and microsoft dynamics but the frequencyin granularity that you choose for example if you use salesforce dot comyou might decide to back up your lied to you on a weekly basisand your opportunities list every twenty four hours if data is lost it can berestored securely in minutes directly into the same platform that you back itup fromour support for external called based applications and platforms can helpensure compliance with the regulatory requirements and helps facilitate fasterrecoveriesorganizations are dealing with the richer larger and more diverse data thanever beforeand it’s becoming harder to protect this data within short backup point aspfor this reason we provide snapshot based data protection features where youcan take a quick snapshot of all the data on your storage hardware in a muchfaster weighed in with conventional backup methodologies you can thencatalog schedule and manage snapshots using a built-in snapshot managerbecause snapshots are part of our platform you can employer single dataprotection strategy that incorporates both traditional and snapshot based dataprotection methodologies and you can manage everything from one singleplatformour backup service provides fully integrated data protection capabilitiesfor virtual machines and has additional features the lead organizations recoverquickly in the event of a server failure or disasterlet’s say you have a physical or virtual machine that contains importantapplications and datausing our local d_s_ v_d_ our feature you can back it up to a local virtualcopy on a frequent basisif the original machine fails just turn on the virtual copy to continue youroperationswith our remote d_s_ v_r_ feature you can configure your backup jobs so that acopy of your virtual machines is live in operational after every backup jobstakes place if a disaster occurs at the primary site you can fail over todespair copy until the original one is back in operation as we can see ourbackup service enables you to resume operations quickly in the event of adisaster


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