How to Apply Filters and Labels in Gmail

Welcome to Ask Mr. Cloud. In this video, we’ll
dive a little deeper into your
Gmail account and show you how to create
labels for your email.
Labels are very handy because they let
you store your messages by, in our case,
by the sender.
let’s look here. I hava a message from
Would you please create a filter for my
messages? Awesome idea Blackshoe!
so head on over here to the ‘More’ tab
and choose ‘Filter messages like these’.
the create a filter dialogue
we get to choose the criteria and you
can get quite complex with this but
we’re going to keep it simple and simply
filter the messages that originate
from Blackshoe.
next step
and here we have our choices
when we get an email from Blackshoe
you can instantly archive it, which means
you really won’t even see it.
Mark it as ‘Read’
‘Star It’ so let’s choose ‘Star It’
and apply the label
‘New Label’ because we don’t yet have a
Blackshoe label.
now the name of our new label
and there we go
so it’s going to apply the label
also apply this filter to two
conversations since I do have two messages
from Blackshoe
and create filter.
there we go.
now we have an inbox and we can see that
we have labeled
these conversations Blackshoe
and over here in our ‘Labels’ section
if we click the Blackshoe label.
we will see only the messages from
so it really simplifies things if you
get a lot of email
you can go straight to
whichever person you want to see and
you’ll see nothing else but their emails.
very convenient.
so that’s how you create a label.
stay tuned for further Gmail tips and
Thank you for watching Ask Mr. Cloud!


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