How to send a file through Gmail – ( How to Attach a file to an email ) – IT and Iced Tea

Sue-eee that is some good iced tea… Whoa hello there my name is the Southern Gentleman and this is IT & Iced Tea. Now, today Kentucky Joe is gonna talk to you about sending an attachment in an email. Now that we have an email account, you might want to do more than just send a message, but also send a file. Like a word document or some such. So let go on get her done! First thing is first. Open up your internet browser such as internet explorer, firefox, Google Chrome, or whatever one tickles your fancy, and then go to top in the address bar and type www. gmail. com assuming you set up a gmail email account, then hit enter for you PC users or Return for you Mac users. Or if you are on the google homepage, then just click on the Gmail link and it will take you to the Gmail login page. Once you are on the Gmail login page, type in your username and your password that you created for yourself and use your mouse to click inside the username box and type in your username, and then click in the password box and type your password and hit enter or return or click sign in button with your mouse. Once you are logged in to your email address then click the compose button with your mouse and that opens up a email that gets you started. Then you type the name of whoever you want to email you want to send the attachment to. Gmail has a handy feature to save the email address along with the Contact name together, so if you have emailed that person before, or if you have just saved it in a contact entry for that person, you only need to type in the first part of their name and the email address will populate itself for you automatically. Actually you only need to type the first couple of letters and the rest is done for you. However, if it is a new address and then you are going to have to type the entire email address. For demonstration purposes, Kentucky Joe is gonna make up a email address to send to. In the subject line, send a description of what you are sending or what it is about, and then I like to put something in the body of the email, of course that is not required to send an attachment. And then take your mouse cursor and click on the blue link Attach a file, then all you have to do is tell the computer where you put the file that you wanna send. The Southern Gentleman recommends that you save the file to the desktop or any place that is easy to find the file you are trying to attach. Then you find the file you are looking for and double click or click once on the file you are attaching and click the open button. Gmail will now show you it being attached with a progress bar to let you know how long it will take to upload. A word of caution, don’t try and send then email until the file until the progress bar completes. Once that bar disappears, you are ready to go. Just click the send button. Congratulations, you just sent your first attachment. If you want to double check to make sure it sent, you just click the sent mail link on the left side, the first message that you see should be that message and you should see a little paperclip icon on the right side to let you know you sent an attachment with that email. So good job! Now if you really want to be thorough, you can click on it and open it back up to make sure it was the file you wanted to send. That is all there is to it folks. Sue-eee!


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