Whiteboard Thinking | MSP Barracuda Backup

[Subtitles available in: English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Chinese][Whiteboard Thinking][Barracuda Backup for Managed Services Providers]Hi. My name is David Lomax, from Barracuda Networks. And today we’ll be talking aboutsome of the MSP value propositions from Barracuda. In the previous presentations you’ve seen me talking aboutthe Barracuda Backup, the Barracuda NG Firewall. What we’re going to try and do now is get you to understandhow they can work very well in a managed service-provider environment. Let’s start first of all with the backup. You saw that the traditional backup model we havecan do one of two things, and we call it the BBS. So, at one point, we’ve got our BBS backing up our clients’ network,whatever servers are on there. And they can then replicate that to the Barracuda Storage Cloud, let’s call it. So for DR all the data is replicated there. That’s the traditional method. End users, customers themselves can, obviously, replicate to further boxes. However, you’ve got some customers out there, or clients that you may have,that don’t necessarily want to use the cloud, dependent on where it is. While the Barracuda’s data centre is in the UK, Europe and North America,they’re all independent, some people are just very cloud-shy. What that means is, you, as a service provider,can have the ability to say, “Instead of using the Barracuda Cloud. . . “We’ll call myself MSP1. I’m over here. I’ve got my own data centre. In essence, it’s my cloud. You can then buy a Barracuda Backup box,probably a larger solution than that. Our 1090, as I said, does up to 50 terabytes. And then you can then have multiple clients out here,all with their own BBS. And instead of them replicating the data to our cloud,it can replicate to your backup device. So then you can act as a Managed Service Providerbecause all of this, all of these devices, are managed centrally. If the customer themselves doesn’t want to do any configurationof their servers on the back end, or configuring anything,you have the ability, obviously, as the MSP provider,to go into each of these boxes, add data sources,select backup strategies of when it’s going to get done,how it’s going to get delivered,and the data replicates all the time, as it replicates to you,and creates an all-in-one solution for backup. We’ve got a lot of customers out there and partners right now doing this. It’s been a very big solution for us right now. [Barracuda Backup For Managed Services Providers][The wrap up][Barracuda Backup is a][complete cloud-integrated solution][protects physical and virtual environments][simple to deploy, easy to manage, and offers unlimited cloud storage][Managed Service Providers can][deploy Barracuda Backup to replicate to their own private cloud][replace multi-vendor solutions with an all-in-one Barracuda Backup appliance][offer a wide range of environments and integration][with file sync and share services][Advantages of becoming a Managed Service Provider (MSP)][You own the customer relationship and can build customer loyalty][with innovative service bundles and pricing][Continuous revenue through monthly or annual service packages][resulting in increased profitability][Predictable operating costs help manage your cashflow][Barracuda Backup for Managed Services Providers]


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