PayPal Fake Email ALERT

Every now and then we get an email that looks to be from a service we use and trust. Often it is from our bank or financial institution or EBAY and other shopping sites.

Sometimes the email will include a link to verify your details or a file they want you to click on and open. This is common with fake postal delivery emails.


Today we will look at a fake PayPal email that arrived this morning.


What to look for


If you look at the arrows they will indicate some things you can look for to see if the email is legitimate.

From this one you can see that the email does not even come from PayPal so you don’t have to think too much to know it is a fake email trying to get your PayPal ID so they can use your account to do their shopping.

Best thing to do with this email is to delete it and visit the official PayPal website and check for updates if you are really curious.

RAMTEC Support customers can press F* and send me any strange messages and popups that you are not sure of and I will answer you promptly so you can make the right choice. If you would like to try the RAMTEC service visit and sign up for a free trial or just submit a support request.




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