Google Calendar no longer sending SMS notifications

Just announced that Google will no longer send notifications via SMS to your phone for calendar events. When I  first found out about this I thought “Oh no” then I released that I was no longer using that service as much as i used to because i was using something that was even better and I did not even notice it.

Google no longer sending SMS notifications from calendar.

Google no longer sending SMS notifications from calendar.

I still use Calendar every day but I receive my notifications via Google Now, which sends notifications directly to my phone and tablet, and even my computer and the notifications appear on my phone in much the same way as an SMS notification. It works in the same way so i am not missing out.

If you got spooked by this announcement that Google is no longer sending SMS notifications you do not need to worry if you have activated Google Now on your smartphone and your Chrome browser.

If you have Google apps for business or an education account with Google you will not be effected.

If you want to know more about Google Now you can find out more here.

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Peter Brock Died Today

In a tragic accident Peter Brock was killed in a rally accident this afternoon. Peter Brock was an Australian icon in motor sport and was probably responsible for the sales of more Holden (and Ford) cars in Australia than any one person.

Australia is mourning the loss of it’s second high profile personality in a few days after the death of Steve Irwin off the coast of Queensland 2 days ago.

After growing up watching Peter Brock in many motor sports events and his mastery of the Bathurst Race at Mount Panorama in NSW I was moved into shock at the news of his death. Motorists in Melbourne were encouraged to drive with headlights on this afternoon as a mark of respect and many drivers opting to drive at 10kms slower to highlight his dedication to the .05 Drink driving campaign.

Peter Brock will be missed by many.

My wife and I feel a great priveledge to have experienced fast laps with Peter Brock and the Brock racing team including some frightening laps in the rain in the Holden Dealer Team V8 Supercar.

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Poor Quality Cheap Goods.

This is more of a comment on the cheapness of goods these days and the poor quality of things out there. I purchased some shoes for my 4yo son a month ago and the bottom has come off one shoes already, I won a t shirt in a competition and the armpits have come apart (I should shower more often I suppose) I purchased a robo vacuum for $95 and now it won’t charge up after I returned it once and now it does not work at all. I bought a cheap wireless keyboard and mouse and it misses every second letter and the mouse does it’s own thing.

Got a cheap colour TV that turns itself off and on (maybe thats a feature?) and a cheap antenna for it thats picks up snow even in winter.

Perhaps we are better oof having 1 good quality instead of a whole lot of cheap crap that ends up rubbishing our planet…. time to think about the simple things in life I recon … oh but I love my computer and the Internet.

Downloading DVDS and Movies

Do you do it?

I have been exposed to a few and frankly, I think they do not compare to the real thing.

I suppose there are many people out there who are happy to grab these low quality cpoies and rips of original product but for me it takes away too much of the enjoyment factor of watching a movie.

These days you can set up your lounge room like a mini cinema with wide screen TV and 5.1 surround sound so why would you try and watch a pixalated stereo at best, version of a  movie especially if you want to keep it and view again at a later date.

I don’t own many DVD’s but the ones I do are premium quality and 5.1 surround and I enjoy them each time I watch them. My favourite would have to be Highlander. Whats  your thoughts on this and do tyou have a favourite movie you like to watch over and over.

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I Saw History today

Makybe Diva has won 3 Melbourne Cups in a row. This has never been done before and it was a special day. Not every day can you say you saw history made but today was one of those days.

As soon as the race was finished the horse was was promptly retired. The Melbourne Cup is a great day for Australia. It is even a public holiday in many areas of the country.

I have spent the day sitting in the spa drinking Coopers Sparkling Ale watching the horses go around the track.

Later in the week I will get back to work and start talking about some of the gadgets I have been looking at including a different way to network your house, a cheap 4mp digital camera for less than $250AU with 3 x optical zoom and digital TV.

Ok for now I must get back into the spa and soak the wrinkles on my hands.