Google Calendar no longer sending SMS notifications

Just announced that Google will no longer send notifications via SMS to your phone for calendar events. When I ¬†first found out about this I thought “Oh no” then I released that I was no longer using that service as much as i used to because i was using something that was even better and I did not even notice it.

Google no longer sending SMS notifications from calendar.

Google no longer sending SMS notifications from calendar.

I still use Calendar every day but I receive my notifications via Google Now, which sends notifications directly to my phone and tablet, and even my computer and the notifications appear on my phone in much the same way as an SMS notification. It works in the same way so i am not missing out.

If you got spooked by this announcement that Google is no longer sending SMS notifications you do not need to worry if you have activated Google Now on your smartphone and your Chrome browser.

If you have Google apps for business or an education account with Google you will not be effected.

If you want to know more about Google Now you can find out more here.

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